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Nuevas Metodologías Analíticas
para el Estudio y Control
de la Seguridad y Calidad de los Alimentos
Participation in Fairs

Participation of the Program ANALISYC in the VII Fair Madrid is Science (Madrid, April 12-15, 2007).
The group of the Institute of General Organic Chemistry participated in the CSIC stand (section belonging to the Institute), by displaying a poster containing explanations about the main goals of Analisyc, and by developing several experiments that could easily be carried out by the stand visitors. Visitors so developed experiments concerning chromatographic processes and assays that highlighted the relationship between chemistry and human senses. They also had the opportunity to use softwares allowing the design and visualization of molecular structures and the calculation of their properties, as well as computer games, e.g. a tetrix-type game with atoms, and to watch our film entitled Chemical is all around us. The stand was visited by more than 1000 people, who received more than 2000 periodic table of elements as a gift.



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