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Nuevas Metodologías Analíticas
para el Estudio y Control
de la Seguridad y Calidad de los Alimentos
II Congreso de Laboratorios Agroalimentarios

Prof. Dr. Carmen Cámara attended, as invited speaker, to the Second Conference on Foods Laboratories (Hospital Clínico San Carlos. Madrid, March 14-16, 2007), where she made a presentation on the relevant role of Selenium on mitigating the toxicity of methyl mercury. The presentation had a strong acceptation by the audience and several laboratories, including the on depending on the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, expressed their interested in these studies.

Symposium Selenium-Mercury Interaction in California.

Prof. Dr. Carmen Cámara has also been invited to the Symposium on Selenium-Mercury Interaction, (La Jolla, California, February, 24-24, 2007), where she made a presentation on the Levels of selenium and mercury in sea-food. This meeting was organized by “The International Association of Bioinorganic Scientists” .The topic of her talk attracted a lot of interest because of the high mercury contents found in many seafood and the strong economic impact of this fact.

The U.A. patented a new procedure for the determination of proteins.

The group of the University of Alcalá, led by Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Marina Alegre, developed and patented a procedure for the determination of soya-proteins in pig meat products treated with heat. The method involved the extraction of lipids with acetone, the solubilisation of proteins in a buffer and their subsequent analysis by reverse phase perfusion HPLC.
This new method represents a valuable alternative to ELISA because of its analytical performance, fats response and low cost. Furthermore, it is easy to implement in the industry because of the simplicity of the required instrumentation which make it adequate for routine quality control at levels below those set in current legislations.

New methodologies for the analysis of xenobiotics in foods.
Madrid, September, 17-19, 2007

Set-up the basic knowledge and main aspects concerning sample preparation for the analysis of organic xenobiotics, metals (/oids) and organometallic in food. Implement basic concepts on chromatographic analysis of organic xenobiotics and the basic tools for the analysis of metals (/oids) and organometallics.
Maximum number of participants: 16.
Admission by order of registration.
Graduates and laboratory technicians of medium grade.
Users experienced medium or low.
From 17 to 19 of September, 2007.
DURATION: 24 hours
DAILY SCHEDULE: DAILY 9:00 to 13:30 and 15:00 to 18:00.
September 17th: General Organic Chemistry Institute, CSIC.
September, 18-19: Facultad de CC. Químicas, UCM.

For any queries regarding the course and registration, please contact:

Ana Mª Gutiérrez Carreras
Tlf.: 91 394 42 22
Fax: 91 394 43 29

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