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Nuevas Metodologías Analíticas
para el Estudio y Control
de la Seguridad y Calidad de los Alimentos
Application P200702771. Analytical Procedures by chiral capillary electrophoresis for the rapid separation of the enantiomers of non-protein amino acid ornithine and its determination in foods.
Application P200703122. Procedure for identification and quantification of non-protein amino acid enantiomers of carnitine in food by capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry.
Groups CSIC-AI and UCM-QA: A miniaturized prototype system for extracting liquid at high pressures and temperatures (PLE) for extracting small samples has been protected by the patent application through the relevant OTTs of CSIC and the UCM (patent reference PCT/ES2006/000311). The inventors were Lourdes Ramos and Christian Dietz.
The University of Alcalá has filed a patent application entitled "Procedure for estimating the content of 7S and 11S globulins in soybeans by high performance liquid chromatography in reversed-phase perfusion" whose inventors are Dr. Maria Concepción García López, D. Jose Maria Heras and Dr. Maria Luisa Marina Alegre, where Drs. Garcia and Marina, program participants ANALISYC. The application number is P200601881/7.
Group from University of Alcalá: The patent titled “Determination procedures of soy proteins in heat treated pork meat products by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography” requested by the University of Alcalá and number of application P200401143, whose inventors are Mrs. Florentina Castro Rubio, Dr. María Concepción García López and Dr. Maria Luisa Marina Alegre, the last two participants of the program ANALISYC.
Technological offer of the procedure developed at the University of Alcalá to determine soy proteins in meat, conducted through the Promotion and Marketing of Technology Office from Madrid+d System in the University of Alcalá. The proposal was accepted, validated and published at European level (BBS-IRC Network) in 2006.
This technological offer involves the participation of Dr. María Concepción García López and Dr. Maria Luisa Marina Alegre, both participants from ANALISYC program. In response to this offer, the company Radanal Ltd., CZ (Czech Republic) through Dr. Ales Horna, Ph.D. has stated its interest in this technology. The code of the technology is TO_ES_11466.

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