Quality Control and Food Safety

Innovative Analytical Methodologies Control
of Quality and Food Safety

Infrastructure and Services


1.        Available equipment for the scientific program.

The groups involved in the program have at their disposal several instrumental analytical techniques, which represent the most important part of the infrastructure necessary to carry out the program, and which are also available to the rest of the groups involved. These techniques are listed below.




·         Dept. Análisis Instrumental y Química Ambiental. IQOG. CSIC:


·         2 gas chromatographs equipped with a flame ionization detector.

·         2 gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer.



Gas chromatograph coupled to a quadrupolar mass spectrometer


·         Full coupled system gas chromatography with electron capture microdetector.

·         Gas chromatograph with electron capture detector

·         Pressurized liquid extractor.

·      Gas chromatography in two dimensional GC x GC with detector ToF mass spectrometry.

·         HPLC system coupled to mass


·         Dept. of Tecnologías Sectoriales. IFI. CSIC:


·         Multidimensional gas chromatograph coupled with flame spectrometry

·         Liquid chromatograph coupled to a gas chromatograph by TOTAD interface

·         Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer coupled to

·         Liquid chromatograph



·         Dept. of Estructura, Energía y Reactividad Química. IQFR. CSIC:


·         3 gas chromatographs with flame ionization detector


Dept. of Analytical Chemistry. Faculty of Chemistry. UCM:


·         A high performance liquid chromatograph-Fl.

·         An inductively coupled plasma mass Spectrometer.

·         A gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector.

·         A liquid Chromatograph with UV-DAD detection.  

·         Liquid Chromatograph with fluorescence detector.

·         A capillary electrophoresis with UV detection.

·         A microwave oven.

·         Nano-HPLC-MS.

·         Gas chromatograph with µEC detector



                  Microwave extraction oven.


·         Focused ultrasound probe

·         Atomic absorption spectrometer Flame

·         Atomic absorption spectrometer electrothermal atomization.

·         Atomic fluorescence

·         MALDI-TOF

·         Extraction of molecular imprinted polymers


Dept. of Analytical Chemistry. Faculty of Science. UAH:


·         2 systems for capillary electrophoresis with UV diode array detection

·         A system for capillary electrophoresis with UV detection


 Capillary electrophoresis system


·         A liquid chromatograph with fluorescence detector.

·         A liquid chromatograph with diode array UV detection.



 HPLC-DAD System 


·         A liquid chromatograph with UV detection.

·         A Semi-preparative liquid chromatograph with UV detection with diode array



Faculty of Science. UNED


·         A high performance liquid chromatograph with fluorescence, conductimetric and UV diode array detection.

·         Liquid chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrophotometer.

·         Microwave oven

·         Spectrofluorimeter

·         UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


UV-Vis Spectrophotometer



Group of Calidad, Seguridad y Bioactividad de Alimentos procesados térmicamente, OXILIPID y BIOCELL. ICTAN. CSIC 


·         A high performance liquid chromatograph with UV and refractometric detectors.

·         A high performance liquid chromatograph with fluorescence detector.

·         A system for capillary electrophoresis with diode array.

·        A high performance liquid chromatograph coupled with a mass spectrometer (time shared: 20%).



Dept. Química Inorgánica y Analítica. Escuela Superior de Ciencias Experimentales y Tecnología (ESCET). URJC:


·     1 Team capillary electrophoresis P / ACETM Beckman Coulter MDQ with DAD and UV detector.

Capillary electrophoresis system

· High-performance liquid chromatograph resolution Varian Prostar 335 DAD detector and liquid chromatograph coupled to Varian 1200/1200L mass quadrupole detector.



    HPLC-DAD                                                                             HPLC-MSr


·     Autolab System Potentiostat - Galvanostat PGSTAT302 Metrohm.


Potentiostat - Galvanostat

·    Micromeritis System ASAP 2020 for determination of surface area




·    Infrared Spectrometer FTIR Avatar filter 330 with type Michelson interferometer


Infrared Spectrometer FTIR


·    UV-Vis spectrophotometer Analytik Jena SPECORD 200pc


UV-Vis spectrophotometer 


2.        Infrastructure acquisition plan

In the previous program (ANALISYC) requested funding for the acquisition of three instrument:

·    A comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography system coupled to a Time of Flight mass spectrometer.

·    A high performance liquid chromatograph coupled to a dual mass spectrometer

·    A system for capillary electrophoresis coupled to a mass spectrometer


LETs laboratory (Lab URO520, URJC) has requested the purchase of a porosimeter (acquired in 2010) determining the proper characterization of all mesoporous surfaces to be used as stationary phases for preconcentration and determination of food contaminants. It also provides for the acquisition of a mass spectrometer (year 2011) determining the identification and quantification of contaminants in food samples.



3.       Human Resources


The participating groups include, in addition to the research staff, the following technical staff:


Dept. Análisis Instrumental y Q. Ambiental (IQOG. CSIC):

1 specialists Technicians, 1 FPU granted, 1 I3P granted, 1 FPI granted, 4 contracted, 2 predoctoral granted, 1 teaching and research staff and 1 scientist


Dept. Q. Analítica (Fac. Química. UCM):

9 granted, 1 postdoctoral granted, 1 assistant, 1 contracted, 1 support research staff


Group of Técnicas y Métodos de Análisis Químico (Fac. Ciencias. UNED):

1 Graduated, 1 doctor, 3 predoctoral granted


Group of Calidad, Seguridad y Bioactividad de Alimentos procesados térmicamente, OXILIPID y BIOCELL. ICTAN. CSIC

5 predoctoral granted


Dept. Q. Analítica (Fac. Química. UAH):

5 FPI granted, 1 postdoctoral granted


Unidad de Servicio de Técnicas Analíticas, Instrumentales y Microbiológicas, ICTAN. CSIC

1 Technicians


Dept. Química Inorgánica y Analítica. URJC

2  granted


4. Offer Services

The research groups included in the program have their human resources dedicated to research and teach at the university level. That limits their capacity to provide services for routine analysis to other research groups and industries as other laboratories usually do. Moreover, the potential of knowledge and infrastructure that builds up in the program should be used in their social environment, without detracting its main objectives which are research and teach at CSIC and the University. All these facilities and the results obtained with the program will be screened on the following social

a.   The scientific community, through advice and facilities instrumental to other groups that request it and, of course, through the communication of results in journals and scientific conferences.sectors

b.  The companies, which may establish agreements and contracts to provide different types of analytical services of analytical advice when the company concerned does not have the means to solve their problems. The wide variety of problems associated with the management of quality and safety in the food industry, the enormous volume of legislation and regulations to be met by food suggests that this collaboration could be very useful:

c.   The Administration, in its various local, regional and national levels. The partnership program with the various agencies responsible for ensuring the purity and quality of food can be very useful on a regular basis and especially when some kind of food scare as unfortunately often happens with some frequency. The program can be a suitable tool and ready to establish and operate appropriate technical measures for immediate resolution of problems